Massachusetts law (310 CMR 80.00) requires that any underground storage tank (UST) that is removed or abandoned in-place must be assessed for the presence of contamination in the environment. This law applies to both homeowners and commercial businesses. WjF provides UST removal oversight and/or assessing a UST to be abandoned-in-place, including soil screening and sampling for laboratory analysis.  If the screening / sampling indicates that no contamination is present WjF will provide a letter report detailing the findings. If contamination is found, additional assessment and cleanup may be necessary.

Let WjF provide you with our expertise when it comes to managing the removal of your UST, properly assessing for the presence of contamination, and guiding you through the regulatory framework.

If you are a homeowner or a business owner of any size, dealing with a release from a removed UST can be expensive. A release to the environment is a liability, which reduces the property value. If a release has occurred at your property, we are here to help you restore the property value while keeping your costs down.

UST Removal

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